Lego advent review for day 21

So we’re up to day 21 now, and everyone can count the number of sleeps until Christmas!

If you missed what the calendars gave us yesterday, you can catch up on day twenty. Read introduction to our Lego advent reviews or for the whole picture.

So tonight’s finds were quite interesting and unexpected, to my thinking anyway.

The Lego City calendar produced a campfire and marshmallows on sticks – something I love but don’t associate with snow or Christmas!

Lefo people toasting marshmallows on a campfire

And for some unfathomable reason, Lego Friends gave my daughter a catapult with a ‘snowball’ to fling at Lego things. It is so far from what I was thinking, especially in the last days of the advent calendars, but nice to see such things are not reserved for boys! The back of the flap carries a warning (to not fling the ‘snowball at people’s faces) as well as instructions, too.

Snowball catapult and warning from lego Friends advent calendar

What do you think – is a campfire and a catapult unexpected, or do they fit the overall themes we’ve been seeing in the calendars?




6 Responses to Lego advent review for day 21

  • TomiLee13 says:

    The detail and creativity involved in these blows my mind! This is such an adorable idea. I love the campfire idea too, and really, you can only have so many implicitly Christmas ideas before you run out! Kudos to you. You’re far more creative than I am.

    • Thanks TomiLee but really it’s Lego who came up with the advent calendar – I just review what’s in there 🙂

      It’s true you can’t do 24 Christmas things (how many Lego Christmas trees and presents does one child need?!) but I just expected some themed items – like the various cupcake things in the Friends calendar that are making a little scene of their own. I’m not sure how a catapult fits that!

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  • larryl332 says:

    I do not think I do enough of the open fires and marshmallows around the holidays. Of course the colder weather puts a little halt to that, but I hope that one day I can have a sort of open area that is still a part of the home, for things like that.

    • AN outdoor area for campfires, you mean Larry? That would be fun – all the pleasures of camping without having to leave home 🙂 We have an open fireplace in our house but wouldn’t dream of lighting it for Christmas as it’s too hot!

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