day eight

Day eight of Christmas countdowns…

Being Saturday, it has been harder for my kids to wait for evening to do their advent calendars! They’d love to open them each morning but I figure finding Tinkles is enough to fit in before school, so advent calendars are for counting the end of each day and see how many more days there are to go…

When do you open advent calendars in your house?

Ornament calendar

Our press out ornament calendar was themed on presents tonight – two gift boxes piled as an ornament, and a picture of two elves wrapping presents.

Present ornament from press out calendar

Lego City

A picture paints a thousand words they say – just as well I can add a picture of today’s Lego City advent item as I have no idea what to call it! It certainly isn’t a Christmas item – what do you think it is? I should add that my son believes it is a drone, and I can kind of see that…

Lego item from City advent calendar

Lego Friends

Our newest Lego ornament is a candy cane – bigger than a Lego character or the common candy canes, and harder to put together than you may think (three different types of connector meant you have to concentrate to get it working). There are little vents in the long straight pieces – I’m not sure what they are for…

large Lego candy cane

Christmas Book

Tonight we have a party to attend so we deliberately read a short Christmas book – Dear Santa. It is a lovely story, aimed more at babies than school aged kids but still a lovely book to look at together before we head out! Enjoy your Saturday night!

Lego advent day 8

And so we move onto day eight of our Lego advent calendars…
Read the introduction to our Lego advent reviews or catch up on day seven.

Tonight, the Friends calendar gave us the speaker to go with yesterday’s microphone – and it inspired my kids to put on some music through our real speakers! Interestingly, it also became a tent, a ‘low tent’, when my daughter put it on its side – one thing I love about kids playing with Lego is developing their imaginations!

Child holding a Lego speaker from the Friends advent calendar

The City calendar gave us an old fashioned street lamp, complete with Christmas decoration (a bit of holly or mistletoe as you prefer to interpret it!)

Lego person photographing the Lego street l

I am still enjoying the attention to detail and how all these little sets will combine to be something pretty special by Christmas.

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