day nine

Day nine of advent calendars

The weekend is drawing to a close but the advent calendars are still going strong!

Ornament calendar

The calendar added an angel to our tree today, and revealed a picture of an angel atop a snow covered tree.

collage of angel press out decoration from advent calendar

Lego City

Getting into the Christmas theme today, the Lego City calendar produced a light stand with mistletoe. Putting the mistletoe together was a little different – the leaves sit in a small hole in the flowers’stalk, and the the stalk can be fitted into other Lego pieces as usual.

Lego work woman and snowman near lamp

Lego Friends

My daughter loved the rocking reindeer that she found behind flap number nine of the her Friends calendar tonight.

Lego rocking horse ornament

Christmas book

And tonight, we are going to be reading Bubbay – the first book we reviewed on Love Santa and very Australian. We can look at the pictures, think about the Dreamtime and talk about appreciating what we have.

Day nine

collection of images from teh Lego 2016 advent calendars

It’s Friday and we’ve done nine advent calendar flaps now – Christmas Eve is getting closer!

Keeping with the ice-hockey player from day eight, Lego City produced a stand (for want of a better word – I don’t know much about ice-hockey!) for holding ice-skates, pucks, etc beside the ice.

Lego ice-hockey player next to a tand on the ice

Lego City day nine – Ice-hockey equipment for our Lego player

Unfortunately, my daughter was not so happy with the ninth flap of the Friends calendar – in fact there were tears because it wasn’t anything Christmassy and advent calendars should be about Christmas Mummy!”

two Leog girls with microphones and a turntable

Two microphones and a turntable were behind flap nine for Emma and Naomi

I thought the turntable and microphone set was quite cute, but I agree it is not related to Christmas as such (but I never expected every day to be directly Christmas related). I guess it is hard because ice skating, fires and hot chocolate and the like are not part of our Christmas celebrations in any way – hopefully Lego will do a warmer weather focussed advent calendar next year (it’s not only Australia that is in summer!)

aerial view of Lego girls, microhones and turntable

A turntable is an interesting choice in this digital age!

Back to day eight…

Lego advent day 9

Day nine and Lego Friends is continuing on the performance theme as tonight’s flap revealed a saxophone on a stand (well, on a stand once you assemble the pieces anyway!)

Lego freinds advent calendar day 9 sax

Lego City on the other hand had a Christmassy surprise in store – my son had to build Santa’s chair tonight! It’s pretty cool, once put together, although we did find the instructions a little harder to follow as two small pieces are joined without that being shown in the diagram (something Lego is usually excellent at is instructions, but they have so little space on the flaps that I understand why this was more difficult).

Lego Santa's chair

We are having fun with these advent calendars and the kids are playing with the pieces in between opening flaps – it’s nice having lots of bits that are adding up in ways they can make stories out of them.

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