His or hers?

If you are part of a couple, which family do you see on Christmas Day (or Christmas Eve if that’s your preference)? How did/do you decide on that arrangement?

There are so many factors involved I am sure there are many answers to this question – location of families, relationships, extended family commitments, mobility, what suits the kids’ needs and so on.

Have you found a solution for your family or is it an issue every year?

Merry Christmas Australia!

It is now officially Christmas Day on the east coast, and if Santa hasn’t been to your house yet – he’s on his way!

I would like to wish you a very Merry and safe Christmas. Have a lovely day of laughter, love and merriment, enjoying the spririt of giving and joy that is Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

What is Boxing Day?

The 26th of December is known in many countries as Boxing Day, in particular, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada.

Some say it originated as the day when Christmas was packed up – things put away, boxes thrown out, etc.

In England, it was tradition that on Boxing Day gifts were given to employees and the poor. The theory being that staff would work hard to give you a nice Christmas Day so on Boxing Day you thanked them with a gift.

It is a public holiday in Australia* so most of us don’t work unless we are in essential services or retail…

How do you celebrate (or not) Boxing Day? What does the term ‘Boxing Day’ mean to you?

* In South Australia, they have a Proclamation Day holiday instead of Boxing Day but it’s still the 26th of December.

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