Names of the six white boomers

So most Aussies know that it is too hot in Australia for the reindeer (they are used to the snowy North Pole after all!) so six white boomers help Santa get around Down Under on Christmas Eve.

Many people are interested in the reindeer names, but did you know that the boomers also have individual names?

Six boomers pulling Sata's sleigh

The actual six white boomers song does not include the names, unlike the original Night before Christmas story, but they are included on the album by Rolf Harris when he produced the song in the 1960s.

So, the boomers who help Santa are…

  • Jackaroo
  • Curly
  • Bluey
  • Two-Up
  • Desert-Head
  • Snow

If you are not an Aussie, many of those names may seem a bit strange or foreign, but they seem fairly normal to me!

Naming Santa’s reindeer

An important part of the Santa traditions is how he gets around – namely, his sleigh pulled by reindeer and boomers.

And of course we want to know the names of those precious reindeer and boomers.

Santa's reindeer leaping with joyJust for fun, though, I want to know what names you would have given to Santa’s reindeer if you’d had the choice. Maybe you’d have used some of the existing names (Dancer, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen, Comet, Vixen, Cupid and Dasher) or maybe you’d have your 8 favourite names instead.

So share your list of 8 reindeer names for Santa (you never know, he may just use them if he retires his current reindeer!) and the list I like the most will win a Love Santa letter prize.

Only family friendly names please…

Reindeer names

Two boomers pulling Snata in his sleigh

Everyone knows Santa’s sleigh is predominantly pulled by his reindeer, but not everyone can remember their names!

As well as the 8 named in the ‘A Visit from St Nicholas’, there are other reindeer in stories about Santa:


  • Rudolph – the unusual red-nosed reindeer helps guide the sleigh on particularly dark and foggy nights
  • Olive – “olive the other reindeer shouted out with glee”
  • Chet – the reindeer in training in “The Santa Clause II”
  • Cupid – the reindeer who falls in love with Private (the penguin) in “Merry Madagascar”

Can you add any more?

And you may not know that the original story included Dunder (which became Donder then Donner) and Blixem (later Bliksem then the German Blitzen).

Santa just smiles when asked the names of his reindeer and lets us remember the poem…

Santa’s names

Have you ever thought about how many names Santa has? There’s not just Santa, Santa Claus or Mr Claus – there is quite a range and sometimes children get confused when Santa is called something else in a book or story.

Here are some of the most ocmmon names for the jolly man who loves chidlren and makes their Christmases special…

Santa Claus – or Santa for short – or Santo Clos (in Mexico)

St Nicholas – or St Nick for short (also spelt Nikolas)

Father Christmas or Pere Noel (in French) or Pare Noel (in Spanish) or Noel Baba (in Turkish)

Sinterklaas (Dutch variation of Saint Nicholas and believed to be the origins of Santa Claus))

Kris Kringle

Odin ( a Germanic God also associated with Christmas)

Tomte or Nisse (Nordic folklore names)


Grandfather Christmas

Grandfather Frost or Father Frost

Papai Noel (in Brazil) translates as Father Noah

Are there any others you know of?

Santa’s Reindeers’ names

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house no one could remember the names of Santa’s reindeer:)

Santa's reindeer

Santa’s reindeer lining up for Santa to name…

The 9 main reindeer names

For anyone else trying to remember Santa’s reindeer names to tell the kids or win Trivial Pursuit here they are:

  • Prancer
  • Dancer
  • Donner
  • Blitzen
  • Dasher
  • Vixen
  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • and, of course, Rudolph
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Many other reindeer…

But I also heard that it would take more than 214,000 reindeer to pull a sleigh of 333,333 tons (based on one soft toy per child I think it was) Now there is no way I’m going to list out 214,000 reindeer names, even if I had a hope of knowing them all!

Of course, whoever did those calculations didn’t factor in the magic of Santa or the white boomers so the 9 names above are enough for me!

I’m looking forward to my children reading Santa letters soon! They loved last year’s, and even my husband liked them (and he’s not keen on Santa at all)!

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