Santa’s Helpers

by Tash Hughes of Love Santa

There is only one Santa, and he lives at the North Pole watching children’s behaviour and creating toys. Or so the story goes!

So many Santas!

At some point in November, Santas start appearing in shopping centres, parties and even kinders and childcare centres. Sometimes, there are many Santas in the same shopping centre or department store.

Then children get confused. They start asking how Santa can be in so many places at once – and more astute children may also note that Santa looks a little different in each place, too. It can get hard to explain the presence of so many Santas if there is supposed to be only one.

With the youngest of children, and those with a strong faith in Santa, a quick distraction or change of subject may be enough for them to forget these confusions. Some parents even come up with stories of Santa moving fast to get to a new place before parent and child managed it!

They are Santa’s helpers

This year, instead of trying to change the subject or distracting your child when asked “so many Santas” questions, try explaining the following.

1.     Santa is very busy leading up to Christmas. He has presents to organise and reindeer to feed and care for, plus he has to keep an eye on all those boys and girls to see who’s being naughty or nice…

2.     Before Christmas, Santa invites some special people to the North Pole where he trains them as his helpers. Elves, of course, are too small to fill in for Santa which is why Santa brings in people.

3.     Santa continues preparing for Christmas Eve; Santa’s helpers spend time with children in the shopping centres and other places

Knowing Santa has helpers reduces children’s confusion and allows them to keep their faith for longer.

If you explain the helpers to your child, tell them not everyone knows how Santa can be in so many places at once. This lets your child feel important – and more likely to keep from blurting it out (with their own twists and interpretations!) to younger siblings and friends.


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