A cosy elf hiding spot!

It took me quite a while to find the elves this morning – and I’m not sure the kids have found them yet! They were cuddled up together on the blanket shelf in our linen press. Would you like a snuggly day, too?

Found Ginger!

So we finally found Ginger – she was having a nap in an oven mitt on a pile of tea towels… All Christmas themed, of course!

Christmas elves camping!

This morning we found Tinkles and Gingers outside the back door on our back deck again, snuggled up together in a sleeping bag in their tent! And like good little elves, they even took their own toilet paper with them! It is making us all itch to go camping soon,...

Tinkles playing pandemic

It was easy to find Tinkles and Ginger this morning as they were on the floor in the family and pretty hard to miss! Tinkles was playing Pandemic with some friends, with quite a few infections around the world. Meanwhile, Ginger was having a nap in the game box,...

Christmas elves climbing a wall

It is now December, and Tinkles and Ginger are out of quarantine! So there was excitement this morning as we all wondered where we would find our Christmas elves! It wasn’t hard to find them this morning as they were very close to their Christmas door and...