Today is my son’s 4th birthday.

We went to the shopping centre to get some last minute things for his party, and we thought we’d stop in on Santa too. When we first arrived, Santa was having lunch, so we had a chat to his helper who takes the photos. DS happily told him it was his birthday today and showed him one of the trains he’d got as a present. We decided to come back after shopping.

When we returned, Santa was there and wished DS a very Happy Birthday, even giving him a birthday present of a bouncy ball with a Santa face in it. As usual this year, he informed Santa that he wants a turntable for Christmas, and that’s it! DS was delighted with this visit to Santa and Santa remembering his birthday too and chatted about Santa the whole way home.

DS was also pleased to tell his big brother about it – cos big brother’s birthday is in January & there’s no Santas in the shopping centres to visit then!