Driving around, we’re starting to see lots of houses covered in Christmas decorations. It ranges from a wreath on the door or piece of tinsel around the letterbox to houses and/or yards covered in decorations.

It is interesting to note how differently our neighbours decorate the outside of their homes.

One of our favourite houses (they do it the same every year) uses lights – they have little white lights dangling off the verandah like a waterfall, Santa, sleigh and reindeer made from lights on the roof and various candy cane lights scattered around the roof and walls of the house.

The people behind us also use lights – they have coloured lights through their trees and a lot of white lights over their fence and rose arbour.

Then there is a house near us where they have pretty much filled their front yard with plastic Christmas items. Some have lights draped over them and others have lights within them so you can see all the decorations at night or day.

In a week or so, we will take an evening drive to view houses and their Christmas decorations. There are a few suburbs renowned for this, but there is an increasing number of houses throughout the city doing the decorations so we just drive around rather than fight crowds to view the famous ones! Either way, the kids and I love seeing them. Do you make an effort to visit decorated houses?

In the past, we haven’t done a lot of outside decorations as we were hidden behind big fences. But we got a new fence during the year along the side so we may string some lights through our fruit trees, as well as decorate a tree out there (which we always do for ourselves.)

It’s an interesting thought – is decorating your house on the outside for you and your family, or for people passing? It is certainly part of the Christmas spirit!