Obviously, Santa is a very very busy man, and that’s why he asked us to help him with writing letters to some of the Australian children; and of course that keeps us busy too as there are many letters to be written! Santa gives us details but it also helps when parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles and others lets us know a bit more about the child(ren) we’re writing to. So we have our online order form.

Hopefully the form is pretty easy to fill in, and last year we gave some tips on getting the best results.

You can also choose when to receive the letter. In our experience, letters arriving too early are less effective (and sometimes confusing) than those in the last few weeks before Christmas. However, people sometimes want an earlier letter so you can choose a delivery week if you wish.

Letters are sent just prior to or early in the choisen week and arrive soon after (how soon depends on exactly where you live).

If you don’t choose a delivery week, the letters will be sent between the 14th and 18th December.