As promised when I explained what a good deed is, here is a list of some good deeds many children do each year when Santa is watching:

  • reading books or stories to little people who can’t read yet
  • helping someone tidy up, like helping Grandma sweep leaves in the yard or Grandpa wash the dishes
  • sharing toys with brothers, sisters and friends
  • picking up rubbish every time you see some on the ground
  • taking a drink to someone who is hot
  • rubbing Mum or Dad’s shoulders or feet to help them relax
  • helping someone else learn a new thing – like holding a little sister’s hand as she learns to walk or showing a friend how to ride a tricycle
  • using good manners and doing what Aunts, Uncles and friends’ Mums and Dads ask you to 
  • getting yourself ready for bed – and going to bed without a fuss lots of nights

That’s just a few – what special good deeds are doing this year to make sure Santa has you on his ‘nice list’?