We all know that Santa is watching to see who are the good boys and girls, and he loves to acknowledge some of children’s good deeds in his letters, too. But I got thinking – does everyone know what counts as a good deed?

I’d be here all year if I tried to type a complete list of good deeds, but I can give some tips on what makes a good deed and will post some examples one day soon.

Boy in Christmas elf costume

Making someone smile makes you feel good too

So a good deed is:

  • something that makes someone else smile
  • anything you do that helps another person (or more than one person) or the world
  • something ‘out of the ordinary’ – that means not just doing what you have to do or what Mum and Dad tell you to do
  • having a go and doing your best – it doesn’t have to be done perfectly as long as you are working hard at doing something nice

What else do you think makes something count as a good deed?

PS There are some examples of good deeds here and here 🙂