Put aside the outside definitions of Christmas (including what close family and friends would say) and consider what Christmas means to you personally.

What is important to you, what are the values of Christmas and the holiday season?

Is it about the birth of Christ, being with family, having a special meal with loved ones, giving thoughtful gifts, giving service to others, being social and seeing many people, or is it a break from the everyday?

Knowing what Christmas means to you and what you want from Christmas can be liberating – it can mean:

  1. making sure you get that important thing so Christmas is not a disappointment for the next 12 months
  2. being able to ignore some of the other pressures and expectations to concentrate on what you really want to
  3. a clear idea when discussing plans with family – if everyone has a clearer view, discussions are simpler and compromises easier
  4. set some real priorities
So why not spend the time thinking about what Christmas means to you? Share your ideas and any thoughts that help you clarify your Christmas values, too.