Home made wire and bead Christmas Star

Recycled wire, a few old beads and some effort from a 10 year old created this gorgeous simple Christmas star

I start planning and thinking out my next years decorations the day after Christmas.

I know a bit cliché, but true. You can find great deals on holiday clearance sales, which will inspire me on the decor of the following years.

There are tricks to this though, you want more pow for your buck. Some of my best decorations are from decorations that cost merely nothing that I repurposed into something else eye-catching and in some cases a little extra pocket-money, when others wanted my creation. Some of the tricks I use can really apply to any holiday decorations or crafts. Once you have your groove the possibilities are endless.

Finding Christmas decorations to work with…

First, don’t be afraid of damaged items, these are the best deals and can be redesigned with a little imagination.

My favorite creation is a string of greenery garland that was 8 feet instead of 15, yes it had been snapped in two. Yes, sometimes I get stares from other shoppers while I stand in the aisle like a deer in the head lights as my mind races. It’s all in the name of creation. Broken or damaged does not mean trash, a good rule to follow.

Second, yard sales!! Who doesn’t like a good yard sale? Besides the tons of baby and children’s items, you can find piles of Christmas decorations, ready to be reborn, at rock bottom prices. I once got a 13 gallon trash can over flowing with different types of ornaments for $2.00. I was set to make new ornaments and wreaths. Don’t be afraid to haggle, most people selling do not want to pack things back up.

Third, keep in touch with family and friends, many of them clean out and buy new every year or two. Ask for them to set aside their throw aways for you.

There are many tips and tricks, this will get you started. We need to be honest though, we can’t keep everything we find. I think they call that hoarding nowadays. I have 4 plastic totes, once they are filled I end my search. By the end of the holidays my totes are bare and I can begin my search again!