Christmas tree decorationsFrom Christmas to Christmas, we all tend to get more decorations.

For some of us, the kids make special things each year at school or are given their own Christmas ornament. People give ornaments as gifts, something pretty catches our eye or we ‘inherit’ things from our families.

However you collect them, your Christmas decoration collection probably grows every year.

What to do with those decorations?

It’s nice to keep all those decorations because they are all beautiful in their own way and may have sentimental value, too.

But let’s face it, storing them throughout the year can be challenging and there is only so much space on your Christmas tree

So what do you do with those decorations?

I know some people like a stylish Christmas tree so only store selected items or buy a new set every year to match a theme.

Others are happy with a haphazard decoration style, so let the kids go wild with whatever they have, giving pride of place to items with sentimental value.

Even at 14 my daughter enjoys seeing the decorations she made in kinder and prep or at home with me, so I certainly keep the decorations my kids make. With 4 kids, though, the tree is filling up!

I often decorate a gum tree outside our house (choosing suitable decorations for the impact of weather of course so never child made ones) so that uses a few of our decorations. And I’m thinking of using a second tree this year!