Have you ever said ‘Christmas is less fun without little kids’? Have your ver put more effort into making Christmas special because there are kids involved?

Santa's adult smile behind Christmas treeChildren have the wonder and belief that makes Christmas so magical, and that awe can help us adults remember how special Christmas can be. So it is right that we make an effort to keep the magic alive for kids.

But is it all for the kids?

So many Christmas activities and arrangements revolve around the kids, such as

While it is great to make kids happy, I sometimes feel a bit sad that adults are left out of the planning for happiness. Why shouldn’t adults get presents to make them feel special, too?

It is often the case that adults run around preparing all the Christmas celebrations and find the whole thing tiring. I think a little more magic for the adults would make that work less tiring.

Christmas for adults

So this year, what special touches can we add to Christmas to ensure adults feel the magic, too? What would make your Christmas happier?

It doesn’t have to be more gifts or big ideas, just little things that make the day about everyone, not just the kids.