We have an extended family get together each year, like many people of course.

Bowls of food on an outdoor Christmas table

A shared Christmas feast

It’s been going for about 45 years and has moved between different people’s houses with everyone bringing parts of the meal we share. This year (for transportation issues which are perfectly acceptable) we’re having a picnic in a park instead.

Now, someone has suggested that each family group takes their own food for the event – that is, we each eat only our own food instead of pooling resources and eating together.

Is it just me to think it’s a bit pointless to eat as distinct family units?

To me, sharing a Christmas meal is about sharing and eating together. If we’re eating separately from people we rarely see except at this Christmas function, I have to wonder if it’s worth continuing the tradition really.

Does anyone go to Christmas events where food is not shared? Does it work?

More importantly, any tips on how to make it a family event despite the separate meals?