Christmas house decorationsAfter 47 years of setting up an amazing Christmas light display for the community, a man in Prairie Village (Kansas, USA) can’t do it this year.

Mike Babick thinks it’s because neighbours complained (lights too bright in their homes? too much traffic in their street? who knows why) but the council has made a ruling that says he can only do such a big display if he calls it an event and pays $1500.

How ridiculous.

He made no money from it, he brings happiness to many and probably inspires community interaction and involvement. All good things but some bah humbug doesn’t like it so it’s gone for everyone.

And an interest and passion of one man is gone, too.

I’m very sad about this – wish I had been to Prairie Village  sometime before now to have seen Mike’s display. I had heard of it but not planned a holiday there sadly.

Does this sadden others too? Anybody got any ideas on how we can make this better?