Six years ago, my mom gave me the best Christmas surprise in my life.

I hadn’t seen my aunt and cousin for a good couple of years because they were living in another country and at this time of the year, I especially missed them as we used to visit a Chinese restaurant together at Christmas Eve.

That night, my mom drove me to the Chinese restaurant without any prior notice and I was genuinely shocked. I asked her why we were having dinner in that restaurant, out of many others on this special occasion, but she just shrugged her shoulders and replied that she missed the food so I dropped the question and didn’t suspect anything. When we arrived there, she led me to a reserved table and my jaw dropped when I saw two people already seating at the table. It’s my aunt and cousin!

I was so happy that I almost squealed.

Family celebrating Christmas together with a meal and bon bons

Sharing a meal with family is a very special Christmas tradition

I gave them a tight hug and there were tears prickled in the corner of my eyes. We talked and I realized that my mom had been planning this a month ago, arranging flight tickets and chatting with my aunt secretly on the phone at night to make sure everything is undercover and well. I was so thankful of my mom because it was the best Christmas surprise ever. My aunt and cousin stayed for two weeks and we had a really good time.

This has to be one of the most heart-warming Christmas memories that I have had in all these years because what my mom did is filled with love and care. She is the perfect manifestation of the spirit of Christmas, that is, to show affection and care to the people you love.