The lead up to Christmas can be mighty busy so it’s easy to see how you could leave ordering a Santa letter a bit late!

But if you have a tradition of Santa letters or just want the excitement and delight for a child in your life, it can be very disappointing or even upsetting to realise it’s too late for a letter to be delivered.

Or maybe you don’t want to use the wrong details in a personalised letter and feel safer with something simpler.

Either way, we want to help!

Scrapbook pages of Love Santa letters

Love Santa letters in a scrapbook make a lovely reminder of childhood

We have prepared a non-personalised Love Santa letter for Aussie and Kiwi children that you can print off for them – pop it in an envelope in the letter box, hang it from the Christmas tree or have it sticking out of a stocking hung by the chimney.

Like our personalised letters, these are professionally written, include a craft and a snack for Santa recipe and have an Australian feel. And each year has a different look and different words (but we’ve updated the year on last year’s as well if you want two different letters – contact us for more than two!)

To get a 2013 non-personalised letter is easy – just click on the button below and follow the instructions 🙂 Have a very Merry Christmas!