When I was a child we use to make egg shell Christmas ornaments for the tree. Does anyone remember these?

They were super easy to make. But the worst part was blowing the inside of the egg out, YUCK!!!!!

Making egg shell Christmas ornaments

multi-coloured decorated eggs in a pileAn adult, usually Mama, would give us all an egg. It was raw, of course, we would have to be outside for the first part of this project.

We would take a small nail, and very carefully punch a hole in the top and bottom of the egg.

Then we would gently press our puckered lips against the top of egg with the hole in it. We would then blow really hard into the hole.

Usually, it would take us at least three good blows to push the yolk and white out of the other hole at the bottom of egg shell.

Once we had that done, we could go back inside and decorate the outside of egg with paint or glitter.

Just whatever we wanted to do with it was fine. We would use thread inserted in the hole to hang our ornaments.


* Image courtesy of 123rf