Information tag about beads for wildlifeToday, I took the children to our beautiful Melbourne Zoo.

In the new predators area, there are a number of promotions for beads for wildlife (namely bracelets) made by women in Kenya. These bead pieces give those women an income that does not impact on local wildlife and gives options to those communities Рfor instance, the purchase of two bracelets can provide uniforms for a school child.

It was also interesting to see an explanation of the colours and how the Kenyans use the coloured beads to tell a story.

Christmas beads

In the gift shop at the Lion area, as well as the usual beads and necklaces, I spotted a number of beaded Christmas items on the racks.

Shop display of beads for wildlife ornaments

Display of beaded ornaments at the Melbourne Zoo gift shop

I love the idea of having some Christmas ornaments that will help Kenyan communities and endangered animals, as well as look pretty.

Do you have any Christmas decorations that have helped others?

Christmas ornaments hanging in tree

I couldn’t resist the bead Christmas tree and angel… Aren’t they pretty hanging in my tree?