So, moving onto day 6 of the Christmas count down! Remember you can read the introduction to our Lego advent reviews or catch up on day five.

As we had a family Christmas function this evening, we had to do the calendar quickly tonight, but that doesn’t make it any less fun or exciting for the kids 🙂

Lego City provided a toy snow plough, complete with key for winding it! In fact, there were two keys as most days we have had at least one spare piece of Lego in the box – the usual extra provided by Lego.

Lego City snow plow - day 6 of advent calendar

Lego Friends turned up some skiing equipment – skis, helmet and goggles, stocks and spares. They were immediately put on one the Lego girls already opened up, with the hair* popped into today’s box in the meantime.

Lego Friends snow scene and skiiing equipment

*Lego people can’t have hair and a hat/helmet at the same time, just in case removing the hair seems a little strange to you 🙂