Some definite themes are showing through the calendars now, which is not something we have noted in previous years. That is, there has been an overall theme of snow and ice plus Christmas, but not a theme within the larger scene.

Day 14 – half way!

Yes, day fourteen means we’ve done half of our advent calendars and Christmas is getting very close!

To mark this halfway point, the Lego City calendar‘s fourteenth flap revealed a boat… I’m not quite sure how a boat fits into the snow theme unless it is a toy for the snowboarder!

Lego boat from City advent calendar

The Lego Friends calendar produced a trailer (for want of a better term!) for the snow mobile to pull behind the pet section!

Lego snowmobile trailer


Day fifteen

So can you guess what was in the Friends calendar for day fifteen? Yes it was a stand and animal – a cat (or maybe a kitten?) this time – so we really are building up a collection!

Lego small cat in a stand

The city calendar included a cute little fire truck for my son, which he was quite happy with.

Lego City fire truck toy

Day sixteen

Today, my daughter told me she found a cat, a fish and a horse in her calendar. However, it turned out that the horse was actually from day 22 and had somehow fallen into the day 16 section. So in reality, day sixteen produced a cat and a fish – nothing to create, and a strange arrangement of the fish being larger than the proud cat, kitten, dog and bird already obtained from the calendar. The fish, in fact, is about 2/3 the height of the Lego people!

Lego cat and fish

In the City calendar, my son created a race car – so obviously his theme is vehicles with a train, two planes, a boat, a fire truck and a race car to date.

Lego racing car for day 16

Have you developed a collection within a set of an advent calendar?