Whether you entertain at home or not, there is usually a need to clean up the house after Christmas.

So why not use that clean up as a chance to declutter and set up a new home atmosphere to start the new year?

67417341 - end written on the floor by using needles from christmas tree

With the end of Christmas, a clean up is in order…

Christmas tidy up tips

  • as you undecorate the tree and house, repair or throw out broken decorations – you don’t want to open the box next December to discover broken ornaments (and you know December is not the time to plan on repairs!) Remember to check all lights, too, and throw out any with damaged cords and replace globes now.
  • as you put away decorations, look at each one and only store ones you want or treasure
  • if you’ve been thinking or reorganising your Christmas storage (or the cupboard, attic or garage you keep them in) do it as part of putting the decorations away – leaving it until later in the year usually means it won’t happen!
  • if you made room for the tree, consider how to reuse that space instead of repeating how it was. Maybe it would be a good spot to put a standing lamp or hang a family photo?
  • new items received over Christmas can be impetus for reducing stuff. For example, if you got 3 books, try to donate at least 3 of your existing books to a friend or charity; new hats and clothes for the kids often means you can get rid of the smaller ones; donate or sell old electronics if you get an upgrade.
  • Christmas is followed by a new year, and a new year = a new start. An annual sort of  books, toys and clothes is easier over the holidays and a good time to remove things the kids have grown out of during the last year.
  • look at the photos and pictures you have on display. Could some be updated or moved to  anew position to generate more interest? Maybe you have some recent Christmas photos that could form a new display on the walls. Make sure to review the children’s bedrooms and spaces, too, and their artwork.

What other things do you do after Christmas to help make your home nicer?