Last night, my daughter had us all guess where the elves may be this morning.

She guessed in the Christmas tree as we had just put up our brand new tree. It is a large tree (140cm tall and about 2m wide!) and is based on an Australian Monterey Pine, and I am very excited to have a new tree! It is not yet decorated as we need to get some more lights as it is so much bigger than our old tree 🙂

Anyway, the tree was the first place the kids looked for the elves today and Tinkles was hiding in amongst the pine needles, to my daughter’s delight.

Tinkles the Christmas elf hiding in a Christmas tree without lights

The Christmas angel from the Pandemic game and some nutcrackers had also joined her on the tree.

two blue nutcrackers and a white and silver angel hanging on a Christmas tree

It took a lot longer to find Ginger though! She was hiding inside a champagne flute on the shelf! My son found her first and was giving the rest of us clues for finding her – she’s celebrating; what does sand do when it gets hot?; she’s near something the colour of her jumpsuit {answers being champagne for celebrating, sand turns into glass and she was close to some artwork which is predominantly purple.} It was actually a lot of fun to add the extra brain teasers into the elf hunt.

A baby Christmas elf called Ginger, wearing a purple suit and hiding in a champagne flute

What hard-to-notice places have you found an elf in?

And an elf in a Christmas tree...