Hogwarts and elves seems a reasonable fit, so not a huge surprise that our Christmas elves are visiting Hogwarts today!

More specifically, the elves are in the Lego Harry Potter advent calendar with Harry, Hermione and Ron. And both elves are on paintbrush broomsticks!

Christmas elves visiting Hogwarts advent calendar on paint brushes

So, most obvious is Tinkles. She is flying on a paint brush (aka broomstick!) above Hogwarts with Harry’s help. They seem to be sharing the wand!

Christmas elf visiting Hogwarts advent calendar with Harry on a paintbrush

Ginger is also on a paintbrush. However, she and Hermione are still on the ground. Maybe Hermione wants to stay at the Yule Ball instead of flying off with Ginger? Ron is certainly watching closely…

Christmas elf visiting Hogwarts advent calendar with Hermione on a paintbrush

As always, I love the fine details Lego thinks to add. Like Hedwig and broomstick shaped Christmas gift under the tree. Or the mix of a microphone and a gramophone!