As December continues, so do our elves’ antics!

Since graduation, this is what our elves have been up to…

Collage of photos of CHristmas elf and baby elf enjoying some Christmas antics

Day 16 – Tinkles on the couch wearing a whoopie cushion costume! I thought it was cute and funny, but the kids said she had it wrong by being under the cushion!

Christmas elf wearing a red costume that looks like a whoopie cushion

Ginger was back sitting on the rainbow poppit, but with a lemonade and a cupcake. I’m not sure the kids spotted her on the poppit the other day so this was her way of trying again!

Baby Christmas elf and reindeer finger puppet sitting on a rainbow poppit with a cup of lemonade and a cupcake

Day 17 – What a helpful elf! Tinkles was busy sewing a ’15 years of growth’ badge onto a scout leader shirt – and had a scout shirt nearby waiting for more badges to be attached.

CHristmas elf sewing a badge onto a blue scout leader shirt beside a green scout shirt

Meanwhile, Ginger and her reindeer friend were hiding in our Santa advent calendar. They didn’t disturb any unopened doors ­čÖé

A wooden Santa advent calendar with a baby CHristmas elf and reindeer puppet poking out of some doors

Day 18 – Tinkles was sitting on our new bookshelf, reading Mr Christmas to Ginger and some friends.

Day 19 – Both Christmas elves were sitting on the front of a purple travel bag. The bag is for VicJam, a scout camp my kids are going on after Christmas.

I love how the elves are prepared with a sleeping bag and a roll or two of toiler paper!

The elves had written a note “We heard you are going somewhere – can we come too??”

Day 20 –┬áDoctor Tinkles was checking on the health of Ginger and some other elves this morning! Which reminds me of a joke – why don’t you ever see Santa in hospital?

Christmas elf dressed in a doctor's coat sitting by a laptop with a queue of elves

Because he has private elf-care!

What have your elves been up to in the last week?