December is speeding along so we have another 5 days of Christmas elf antics to share 🙂

Christmas elves are up to more antics…

Here is another week’s worth of antics from Tinkles and Ginger in the lead up to Christmas. Hopefully they can inspire your elves to have fun, too, or give you and your family some smiles!

Collage of Christmas elf photos - having a picnic, lying with smiley face biscuits, icing biscuits, and playing cricket

An elf picnic

In the morning, we found Ginger and her elf friend sitting in the front yard for a picnic. With lots of fruit, cup cakes, and drinks available, they were eating a pie and a sausage roll. By the time the kids got home from school, both elves were enjoying an icy pole.

Time for a Christmas elf picnic! COllage of photos showing two elves on a red and white cloth with lots of food

Time for icy poles at a Christmas elf picnic! Collage of photos showing two elves on a red and white cloth holding red and white icy poles

Smiley biscuits – or elves?

Smile! We now have a plate of smiley gingerbread biscuits – well, mostly smiling anyway – and an elf or two hiding amongst the biscuits with their own smiley faces!

More Christmas elf antics - two elves wearing yellow face masks hiding amongst yellow biscuits decorated with faces


Christmas elf antics include a zipline!

Tinkles managed to tie a zipline from the top of the Christmas tree to a window catch to create herself a zipline today!


Floating in the Gup X

With the warmer weather, Tinkles must have got a bit hot – that or she heard the Octoalert and responded – as we found her in the Octonauts’ Gup X floating in our (green tiled) pool!


A sleigh photo shoot

Ginger was having a sleigh bell ride while Tinkles was taking photos of her.


Just chillin’

I think the elves have picked up some teenage vibes and took on a favoured teenage activity – lying back with lollies and a mobile phone!


Biscuit decorating

With a tea towel spread out to catch any mess, Tinkles was doing a great job of decorating some biscuits in Christmas colours. Ginger was there, too, but I suspect she wasn’t really helping a while heap! In fact, I’d go as far as to say Ginger spent more time nibbling at a biscuit than helping!!

Collage of Christmas elf antic photos with elves using an icing bag to decorate biscuit sin red and green

Playing cricket

No more elf sized games, Tinkles found a real cricket ball and decided to have a game with Ginger. Luckily she didn’t try using a full sized cricket bat though! The camping knife was an interesting batting choice.

Christmas elves playing cricket with a real cricket ball and a camping knife!


What have your elves been up to? Maybe the above antics will inspire your elves to have some fun, too 🙂