7 tips for a beautiful Christmas tree

Beautiful Christmas tree and lights in St Petersburg

An elegant Christmas tree in St Petersburg

Decorating a Christmas tree is a once-a-year activity that gives pleasure to many, and is worth spending a bit of time on.

I think there are two techniques or models for Christmas tree decorating – the throw on as much as possible model (often experienced when children are involved!) and the classy or stylish model. That is, some people just want colour and glitter while others want it looking a certain way.

Personally, I think both approaches look good and have a special place. However, today’s tips are for the more deliberate Christmas tree approach – although adding them to a more chaotic tree is good, too!

Creating a stylish Christmas tree

  1. put larger ornaments and thicker tinsel lower on the tree, leaving the top half for smaller and finer ornaments
  2. hang things towards the centre of the tree as well as on the outer edges – it gives more depth and interest (and gives you more hanging space overall!)
  3. hanging lights first makes it easier to hide the cords and get them evenly distributed. It’s just easier to do, too. Again, remember to put lights towards the centre of the tree as well as on the outside – twinkling lights behind the tinsel and decorations adds some magic
  4. work with one colour at a time when hanging ornaments to get them evenly distributed – for example, hang all the green balls then the red bells to spread red and green across the entire tree.
  5. no matter how stylish you want it to be, remember Christmas is about family, magic and memories so don’t hide away your treasured mementoes just because they are not your theme colour or style. Put one or two as a centrepiece or off to the side where you will see them when sitting in your favourite chair. As well as the sentimental value, they will make your tree unique and interesting – and could serve as a nice conversation starter, too
  6. stand back occasionally and look at the tree as you go – if you get each stage looking good, the whole will be balanced and effective
  7. avoid fragile ornaments on the bottom branches as they are likely to get knocked around when presents are put under the tree.

If you are serious about a colour theme for your tree, you can even choose wrapping paper so the pile of presents under the tree will match 🙂

So, how do you achieve a ‘perfect’ look for your Christmas tree?

Do you have other tips for decorating Christmas trees?

* Image courtesy of 123rf

22 Responses to 7 tips for a beautiful Christmas tree

  • GSBryce says:

    I am very picky when it comes to the decor on my Christmas Tree. I can’t just put any ornament on it. Right now the color scheme is red and gold. The ornaments must have some sort of sparkle. Makes it really fun to clean up when it’s time to put the tree away. Haha! One day I would love to have a house big enough to have multiple trees with the decor color coordinated to the decor of the room.

  • Clauzetta says:

    When my Grandparents owned property in the country, they would find a suitable Christmas tree on their property each year. One year, they brought in what they thought was the perfect tree. When they set it up inside, they realized that branches were missing in the middle. My Grandmother tied a big, red bow, right in the hole of the missing branches. Everyone thought that red bow added a special touch to the decor of this Christmas tree.

    Some of my favourite Christmas trees are not the ‘perfect’ ones but the ones made perfect, with a little creativity and a lot of Christmas joy!

    • Santa's Elf says:

      A big red bow amongst the branches would be very different – and everyone would assume yoru Grandmother was starting a new trend of being creative rather than dealing with a problem, Clauzetta!

      Some of the stylish Christmas trees are very nice to look at, but I tend to agree that the ones decorated with loce ar epretty special.
      Santa’s Elf recently posted…Cancel letters to Santa – no way!

  • mcamf says:

    That tree pictured is absolutely beautiful. I am very partial to white Christmas trees. I remember as a child, that my Nana always used a white Christmas tree with very colorful ornaments. It was striking and memorable to me.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      I don’t think I saw a white Christmas tree until the last few years so they still seem a little strange to me, but some I’ve seen have been absoltuely beautiful.

      I don’t think we can ever overcome preferences based on treasured memeories, like your Grandmother’s white tree, mcamf – but then, why would we really want to, lol?
      Santa’s Elf recently posted…Simple Christmas decorations made by kids

  • Trissandra says:

    My Christmas Tree is very colorful and bright. We decorate it with large balls, tinsel and lights. I love how it looks at night.

  • bumbum1 says:

    Some may say that my Christmas tree looks the same every year because I always cover it in lights and avoid tinsel and globes.Besides the lights I put a little sparkly angel on top and that’s it. I just love the way the multi-coloured lights contrast the white angel.

  • lex says:

    For as long as I can remember, my family has gotten a real tree. It’s always been sort of “thrown together,” but I can’t imagine having a tree that isn’t exactly sentimental and home-y. This all ties back to my mother, though, and her infinite love of Christmas.

  • dhrynio says:

    I have lovely memories of choosing our tree as a child. My grandfather had a Christmas tree farm as we went the day before they opened to choose our tree. It was so fun! Grandma warmed up hot spiced cider and hot chocolate and we all headed out in the snow to choose our tree! I miss real trees. Here in Poland almost all trees look like skinny, bare branched Charlie Brown trees. My in laws bought us a gorgeous fake tree and I love how it looks, but I do miss the fresh tree smell.

    As for decorating, our first Christmas as a married couple, I started getting the lights ready and my husband started to put the ornaments on. I aske dhim what he was doing? You must put the lights on first! He had no idea since his mom always decorated the tree.
    My kids are still young and I fear putting glass ornaments on. I have some hand painted ornaments made by my grandmother that I am really looking forward to hanging again in the future!

    • Santa's Elf says:

      A privileged tree selection process there, dhrynio 🙂

      There is nothing like the smell of a real Christmas tree – I was reminded of it yesterday when I dropped my son at kinder. It is a strong argument for getting a real tree instead of a fake one!

      Interesting the things we take for granted isn’t it? If you’ve never decorated a tree, why would you know there is a more effective way to do it, even if the tree looks chaotic and colourful at the end 🙂
      Santa’s Elf recently posted…Eating separately at Christmas – strange?

  • JaimieSkye says:

    I’m another one who’s tree looks the same every year. We do add ornaments that the kids make each year. But, we have the same ornaments, lights, strands of pearls and angel on top, every year. I think my girls love the traditional aspect of it. I like our tree this year more than previous years. We found a fat, thick tree, that has a perfect shape and paid very little for it.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      I like our tree this year more than previous years. We found a fat, thick tree, that has a perfect shape and paid very little for it.

      Sounds perfect Jaimie.

      Kids love predictability and routine – it gives them security and a sense of control – so I’m sure your girls do like the tradition of the same tree appearance each year.
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