Kinder children writing to Santa

I helped at my son’s kinder this morning and was given the very appropriate job of helping the children write their letters to Santa 🙂

Each child wrote “To Santa Love from {name}” from pre-written cards to help them know the letters to use.

In between the to and from bits, we also wrote a request for a gift. Some of the children did this themselves (once I wrote out the words on scrap paper for them) while others needed my help writing those bits (they are only 4 or 5 years old!)

letters to Santa written by 5 year olds

Kinder children writing letters to Santa with care and pride – lovely to watch.

The children worked hard on their letters and it was a delight to watch them, and participate with them. One child was so pleased with his letter he kept coming back to get it, fly it around the room and show it to everyone he could get to stand still and look!

Letters are being sent to Santa – and copies kept as part of the collection of work being given to parents at the end of the year. I for one am pleased to know we will have a permanent record of what my son wrote!

Have you ever received (or at least seen) letters your children have written to Santa at kinder or school?

If your child is yet to write to Santa, don’t forget we have a template to help them get started and write a nice letter to Santa.

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  • holunderminze says:

    With my daughter we always spend time to write a proper letter. It also make a strong Bond between us to have this routine very christmas.

  • sorrowscall says:

    Out of curiosity, I can’t help but wonder what he wrote and asked Santa for. Was it the usual stuff or did he ask for something like a satellite? It’s always fun to read Santa leaders because of the imagination behind them.

    • There were a lot of interesting requests for Santa – a few wanted phones (4 year olds!), a lot wanted Lego and one asked for a yellow Lamborghini with spoilers.

      My son asked for a Lego fire truck, a Lego police station and some books so pretty realistic requests compared to a satellite or Lamborghini!
      Santa’s Letter Elf recently posted…Gumnut wreaths – craft for kids

      • sorrowscall says:

        I’m getting flashbacks of when I was a kid. There were alot of us who also wanted legos. I wanted whole buckets by the color so I could make towns to tear apart with my dolls and figures.

        Also, it’s good to see that a lot of kids are very down to earth now in days! I hope santa brings him something great this year!

        • My son does have buckets of Lego now and he loves playing with it – I love him having it until I walk on a piece left on the floor! Lego is such a great toy, and it lasts so well.

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