Jokes from Christmas bonbons 2015

Pile of Christmas bon bonsLast Christmas, we had a lot of fun with a list of corny jokes from bonbons so I figured we’d do it again.

I’ll try to avoid copying any jokes we had last year but forgive me if I get any doubled up! The post will go up next week, but if you have any bonbons cracked before then, please email me the jokes and I’ll pop them in!

Using these jokes…

The obvious use of these jokes is to read them here and now and laugh 🙂

But I thought it would be nice to suggest other uses for these jokes, some of which are ideas from people last year.

  1. read them out on Christmas Eve as part of the build up to Santa’s arrival
  2. read then out at Christmas lunch, or randomly during Christmas Day (Hmm, does that mean you get twice the jokes or you don’t buy bonbons this year?!)
  3. share this page in social media so lots of people can get a laugh (or a groan as their sense of humour dictates!)
  4. use these jokes when making your own bonbons
  5. write out these jokes into Christmas cards or tuck them into Christmas gifts
  6. choose one or two and use them as an email signature for December
  7. use them as  Christmas countdown, sharing a different joke each day (Sorrowscal took this further last December when she made up a new joke each day!)

Let s know how you use these jokes 🙂


3 Responses to Jokes from Christmas bonbons 2015

  • tammyann says:

    It’s such a nice idea to make a list of some of these jokes! They are usually quite terrible, with a lot of really obvious puns employed in most of them. But that’s kind of become part of Christmas – groaning at how bad they are but still laughing anyway.

    In our country (South Africa) and in many others I believe, we call them Christmas crackers! I guess because you “crack” them open. Or because they put a little thing in them that makes an exploding kind of crack noise when you pull them (but I don’t know if the name precedes that technology). But the name bonbon is an adorable one! Because it does look like a big sweet or piece of candy.

    I have already been to a Christmas lunch with year and we had some crackers, which of course had jokes in them. An example of one we had was: “What is a crane? -A bird that can lift really heavy things.” XP

    • Hi Tammyann, I agree that those jokes are a tradition of groaning rather than true amusement 🙂 But it’s all good fun!

      That’s really interesting about the names – I have heard of bonbons being called crackers (and your idea that’s due to the crack noise makes sense to me!) but the link to lollies (candy) is not so obvious as I don’t know anything as a bonbon except the Christmas crackers!

      As for the cranes…

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