Lego advent review for day 24

The Lego advent calendars have gone so well with the children enjoying them and actually managing to leave the Lego with the calendars to complete the sets!

All the previous reviews are still online – jump back to read about day 23 or read them in order from day one.

But tonight was the big one, flap 24!

To complete the icy winter theme, the Friends calendar gave my daughter a cute little penguin on an ice-berg which she was very happy with.

Lego Friends advent calendar penguin collage

But Lego City delivered as expected – Santa! Complete with a sack and a spare beard!), Santa was behind flap 24 and has since been put in his rightful spot of Santa’s chair beside the Christmas tree. Actually, he was also put between it and the Friends Christmas tree.

Lego City advent calendar Santa collage

If you have been doing any sort of advent calendar, I hope you have enjoyed it and are excited by opening this last one!

Merry Christmas for tomorrow 🙂

13 Responses to Lego advent review for day 24

  • Sonjicica says:

    Christmas is really a wonderful time of the year and in the end it all turns out as you hoped it would.

  • ellyjude says:

    So far I have fallen in love with all that has been offered in this forum to educate us and have fun. I have read fantastic stories of advent members here. Kindly keep up with the spirit as we usher in the new year.

    I have never seen so many different toys of Santa and Christmas related. I will definitely keep in watch for this forum next time in a time like this. Thanks a lot.

  • ellyjude says:

    Hey there guys? It’s already past Christmas and soon we will be ushering in the new year. Has your spirit disappeared? Let us keep on talking about the new year as we share our experiences during and after Christmas.

    Let us continue counting the dates. I really wish to know the new year resolutions of most of the advent members.

  • ellyjude says:

    My laptop broke down before i could view what the forum had to offer on the last day before Christmas. It is a pity as i view the posts of advent review for day 24 after Christmas.

  • clair02 says:

    I wonder if these will be available this year? I know a couple of kids in my family who would really appreciate these. My kids appreciate the winter theme toys more especially considering how we don’t get snow in December here.

    • Absolutely these are available this year Clair 🙂 I’ve already seen them online, although not in shops yet.

      The City advent calendar has firefighters and a volcano worker! And Emma and Naomi have some Christmas crafts and treats and are preparing for a musical performance apparently in the Lego Friends calendar. The Star Wars advent calendar has about 10 vehicles (one of which is a sleigh!), a battle droid and a playmat. So there is lots of fun to be had throughout December!

      I was hoping we’d see an Elves calendar this year but no such luck! And my son would go mad for a Nexo Knights or Ninjago calendar from Lego!

      if you get one Clair, let us know how it goes 🙂

  • larryl332 says:

    Oh that is pretty cute. I am like everyone else, I love penguins and I really wish that they were just an animal that you saw around, but of course this is not the case. They look nice here too, though.

    • Yes, unless you live in Antarctica or such, penguins are not going to be an everyday occurrence! Although Australian Penguins (used to be known as Fairy Penguins) do come onto land every day of the year on Philip Island (just south of Melbourne) and we saw them a couple of months ago – very cute!

      Lego penguins are also cute, just in a different way 🙂

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