Lego advent day 8

And so we move onto day eight of our Lego advent calendars…
Read the introduction to our Lego advent reviews or catch up on day seven.

Tonight, the Friends calendar gave us the speaker to go with yesterday’s microphone – and it inspired my kids to put on some music through our real speakers! Interestingly, it also became a tent, a ‘low tent’, when my daughter put it on its side – one thing I love about kids playing with Lego is developing their imaginations!

Child holding a Lego speaker from the Friends advent calendar

The City calendar gave us an old fashioned street lamp, complete with Christmas decoration (a bit of holly or mistletoe as you prefer to interpret it!)

Lego person photographing the Lego street l

I am still enjoying the attention to detail and how all these little sets will combine to be something pretty special by Christmas.

7 Responses to Lego advent day 8

  • Katherine says:

    I remember that days that I spent playing with legos and wishing that I could get an advent calendar like this one. It is a truly wonderful experience where you can get magically surprised everyday. I love the feeling of anticipation and excitement that it generates, and the happiness it creates, making every day up to Christmas an even more joyful celebration.

    • Hi Katherine, I’m sorry you never got to experience a Lego advent calendar as a kid – maybe it’s not too late to get one though! But you are right – it is a magical experience and the kids love it which also gives us joy 🙂

  • tammyann says:

    These lego advent calendas are so cute! I remember back in the day when I was a kid and all an advent calendar had inside was a tiny piece of cheap chocolate (and I’d only get one every second day cause I had to alternate with my brother). Don’t get me wrong, it was a still a thrill. But these lego advent calendars are so much cooler! They’re interactive and get kids playing and, like you say, using their imaginations. I can’t wait till my husband and I have kids and can buy these are build with them! 🙂

    • Yes, cheap chocolate advent calendars are good for helping count down the days but they are nothing like the excitement of the Lego calendars! I’m sure you’ll have fun with them once you do have kids, tammyann!

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