Lego Christmas stars

Checking the Love Santa Facebook page, I came across a short video of various Christmas stars made out of Lego. I showed my children the video, too.

So we couldn’t resist making some Lego stars, too 🙂

Advent calendar stars

First, we made some stars from the pieces in the Lego advent calendars (from the things received by day 21 anyway).

Christmas stars made from advent calendars

Stars made from (left to right, top the bottom) City calendar, Friends calendar, City and Friends characters, and City and Friends calendar.

A Christmas tree star

This Lego star was created by Cassie’s nine year old…

A Lego Christmas star on top of a Christmas tree

and this one by Martin’s 10 year old daughter…

and this one was created by Jen’s almost-11-year-old son, Nick…


* Cassie, Jen and Martin shared these with us via Facebook



4 Responses to Lego Christmas stars

  • clair02 says:

    These are some really good ideas for creating your own Christmas tree star. In my family it’s sort of a tradition to create all our presents and decorations ourselves. The only thing we buy is the tree. Now I have a great new idea for creating our own star. Thanks for sharing this article.

  • larryl332 says:

    I love LEGOs and seeing things like this just makes me remember why they were my favorite toy growing up. To this day if you give me a good set of them I can go on for hours and be perfectly content.

    • Lego is truly is a wonderful toy, isn’t it? I don’t mind my kids having heaps of it – until I step on some of it anyway!

      If you make a Lego Christmas star, Larry, send me the photo to add in here 🙂

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