A Christmas mummy in our bathroom!

“Mummy, Tinkles needs a blindfold back on!”

This morning, Tinkles was found wrapped up like a mummy, sitting on the towel rack in the main bathroom.

Tinkles the Christmas Elf wrapped as a mummy

Above her head was a piece of paper asking a question…

Tinkles the Christmas Elf wrapped as a mummy,asking why do mummies love Christmas

And besides Tinkles was the answer…

Tinkles the Christmas Elf wrapped as a mummy, because they are good wrappers

My son in particular enjoyed the play on words to create the joke. And made him remember to finish reading Bab Sharkey and the animal mummies (third in a series by Andrew Hensen and Jessica Roberts – they are funny and a great read for mid to primary school kids).

But back to the greeting I hadn’t expected from my daughter this morning… Apparently Tinkles sitting in the bathroom was a bit much for the kids and their desire for privacy! My son showered in the en suite instead of the bathroom (lucky he had an option!) and then I covered Tinkles’ eyes so my daughter could use the bathroom! I’m sure Tinkles was just looking for an interesting place to tell her joke…

Tinkles the Christmas Elf wrapped as a mummy, eyes covered

Christmas jokes (child friendly!)

While Santa loves a laugh and often puts a joke in his personalised letters, the following ones are not in this year’s letters so won’t ruin any surprises!


What do Christmas and dogs at the beach have in common? Dog in a Santa hat


What happens to you at Christmas?


How long do an Elf’s legs need to be?


Once you’ve thought about them…



 The answers are


They both have Sandy Claws…

Yule be happy

Just long enough to reach the ground so he can walk on them!


Image courtesy of 123RF

3 wise women

How different things could have been…

Do you know what would have happened if it had been Three Wise
Women instead of Three Wise Men?

They would have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and brought practical gifts!

Santa jokes…

What smells most in a chimney?

Santa’s nose

What’s red & white, red & white, red & white?

Santa rolling down a hill!



Santa laughing and waving

Hohoho – Santa loves a good joke and a good laugh!

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