Yesterday I wrote about Santa asking me to help him write letters to Australian children each Christmas.

As it is an honour to write to children on Santa’s behalf, and a responsibility to give those children a special message, I put a lot of care and love into all the letters we write.

General principles of Love Santa letters

Every Love Santa letter (including our non-personalised self-print options) is written to meet the following aims:

Love Santa letter makes boy smile

Making each child smile is what we aim to do

  1. it is positive and makes the child feel happy
  2. acknowledge the good things children do, ann encourage them doing more good things
  3. be truly personal so the child knows the letter is for him or her
  4. includes references to Australia and a warm Christmas so the child can relate to what they are reading
  5. indirectly teach children basic letter writing skills

Making Love Santa letters personalised

There are a number of ways I strive to make each child feel special, but it mostly comes down to spending the time editing each letter just before it is printed and mailed to be sure it is just right.

Every Love Santa letter

  1. is mailed in its own envelope so the child has the pleasure of opening a letter addressed to him or herself
  2. starts with their first name
  3. is often adjusted to suit the child’s age or good deeds
  4. includes some good deeds done by that child during the last year. Good deeds are always written in a positive tone, too, to build self-esteem. So, for example, I write ‘being independant’ rather than ‘not being so clingy’, ‘learning to play nicely’ rather than ‘not always fighting’, and ‘trying your best at maths’ instead of ‘not failing maths’
  5. is checked to be different from siblings’ letters, and often is adjusted to include a sibling’s name

To share in this fun part of Christmas, request a Love Santa letter so your kids can experience their own personalised letter – and look out for some ordering tips in tomorrow’s blog post.