I first made these for my daughter to take to a ‘bring a dish’ Christmas break up for her scout troop, and I think they’re quite effective – and very Australian!

You could of course make the Anzacs – or buy a packet as I did to save time.

Christmas Anzac biscuits on a green plate

Decorating the biscuits


  1. Melt some white chocolate
  2. Drizzle melted chocolate over each Anzac biscuit
  3. Add some red and green to each biscuit to represent holly
  4. Let the chocolate set (it doesn’t take long unless it’s a hot day!) and serve

Simple, effective and they travel pretty well so make a good plate to take to functions.

Red and green decorations…

To create the holly, I used red and green smarties as a very quick option (and one I’m quite partial to!) but a little more effort will get a fancier result.

Other ideas I’ve had are:

  • use a red smartie as is but half the green smarties so they are thinner and look more like leaves
  • cut up some spearmint leaves
  • get an edible cake topper with Santa or another Christmas theme to pop on top
  • glace cherries (not my preferred choice, but they’d look good!)
  • cut the top part off a lolly raspberry for a real berry look
  • sprinkle red and green 100s & 1000s over the chocolate – not so much like holly but very pretty!

Have you got any other suggestions for adding the red and green?