Have you ever seen the Christmas lights in Thompson St?

Christmas tree and gift in lights against night sky

(Love Santa image, not from Thompson St)

While not as extensive as Ivanhoe’s Boulevard (3km of lights is pretty hard to beat!), there apparently are a lot of lights there – over 50,000 LEDS between just three houses according to one report! And residents think their display is better so it could be worth a look if you’re in Melbourne during December.

Personally I love the story of the Francis family at number 49 – they decorate the house for the Hindu Diwali festival of lights and add to it for Christmas. Mixing religions and celebrations, to me, is a great way of building peace and showing Melbourne is a multi-cultural place.

What do you think – could a small collection of lights be better than Ivanhoe’s huge display? Have you seen both and have a preference?