So, moving onto day sixteen of the Christmas count down!

The Lego city advent calendar opened onto a policeman tonight, much to my son’s delight – “that’s part of my police set in the calendar!”

Lego police man in a plastic bag (unmade)

This is how the Lego is presented most days…

“And yours is part of your café theme – you’re getting quite a big café together now!” he told his sister after she found a sweets display stand in her Lego Friends calendar. It is basically a small table with a multi-layered cake and a lollipop on it.

Lego cake and lollipop stall

Special treats – cakes, lollipops!

And I must say that it finally registered to me tonight that the ‘ice-cream stall’ was actually a cake stall – the little ice-creams are actually cupcakes! And if you add that stall with the oven, mugs and tonight’s display, it is adding up to a little café which makes perfect sense for skiers and skaters!

If you missed what the calendars gave us yesterday, you can catch up on day fifteen. Read the introduction to our Lego advent reviews for the whole picture.