We are continuing our Lego advent calendars as we get closer and closer to Christmas Day.

Day eleven

My son found a snowman (with stick arms and a scarf) in the City advent calendar for day eleven.

Lego snowman from City advent calendar

As well as developing a collection of animals, my daughter is also getting a collection of stands from the 2017 Lego Friends advent calendar! For day eleven, she got a cupcake stand

Lego Friends advent calendar cake stall

Day twelve

I was surprised to see the Friends calendar gave my daughter another stand – this time one for hot chocolate. My children were not so surprised, believing that we have found three pet stands and two stalls. I love that it comes with a bottle of milk and a block of chocolate.

Lego hot chocolate stall, complete with milk bottle

The City calendar also revealed a food stall with a coffee mug – just right to hold Grandma’s biscuits.

Food stall for the Lego City advent calendar

Day thirteen

My son was happy to find a skiier behind flap thirteen of the City calendar.

Lego snow skiier

And my daughter was happy finding a campfire with two seats and a marshmallow on a stick – although she was a little disappointed to only have one marshmallow!

Lego girl sitting at a campfire toasting marshmallows