Image of some presents sitting on some Australian dollars with a toy SantaGifting money as a gift can be very practical, but looks a bit boring next to other presents under tree!

Last week, we gave you 7 different ways to present cash as a present beyond just shoving it in an envelope (with or without a card). But we have a whole heap more ideas for you to choose from!

Making cash more fun!

Here are some more ideas for gifting money creatively…

  1. put the cash into a bag and then cover it in cooled, melted chocolate! For more fun, make it into a dome or ball so when they smash it, the money is found.
  2. make a bonbon and put the money inside – along with a joke and token gift perhaps!
  3. give a gift of a jigsaw puzzle, pack of cards or a board game and pop the cash inside the box for them to find when they play the game. But make sure it’s something they will try reasonably soon!
  4. It sounds obvious, but how about putting the money into a piggy bank? A themed one is even better! They get to unwrap the piggy bank and have some cash for choosing their own present.
  5. I haven’t tried this, but you could freeze the money and give some cold hard cash for Christmas! Freeze water in layers, adding money in between to make it interesting. On a hot day, they may get their cash fast – or you could provide a hammer or small pick for older recipients so they can ‘dig for cash’!
  6. Hide the cash inside something so it is totally unexpected…
    1. roll it and place it where the batteries should go in a torch
    2. unroll a toilet roll and place notes in layers as you carefully reroll it (this will take time to get it looking right!)
    3. lay some on a flat rubbish bag then roll the bag (or linked bags) so it looks like you’ve given a rubbish present!
    4. cut a hole in a candle to tuck the money into
      Gifting money via green and red candles - the red candle has a  notes in a hole at the bottom
    5. Replace some chocolates in a box with some cash, maybe folded into a flower shape if you can manage it. Of course, the upside to this one is that you may have to eat some chocolates as you wrap your gift!
    6. tie notes to the supports within an umbrella so when it is opened, it is ‘raining money’ on their head!
    7. wrap notes around some crayons and place them back inside the box
  7. Arrange the notes so they resemble a bunch of flowers or a tree. This would also work if gave some vouchers as well
    Alternatively, tie notes to real flowers or leaves – you could then give a money tree! A cute way to give a Christmas tree gift as well as the cash, maybe?
  8. Fashion the money into a shape that represents what the money is for and attach it to a card or in a  frame. So form a car, house, animal, plane, cradle, or a instrument.
  9. wrap the money in layers of paper, like a game of pass the parcel. You can make it trickier with LOTS of sticky tape on some layers or a layer or two of cling wrap!
  10. spread the cash out as slices of pizza
  11. put the money inside a clear bauble and hang it on the tree! Or make some paper ornaments with a little pocket to pop the cash in, then hang them all over the tree
  12. pin the notes onto a Christmas wreath
  13. in between some cards of interest – Pokémon, football, cricket, etc
  14. Fill a salad bowl with notes (roll the $20 notes into balls as the tomatoes) and just offer them a salad for Christmas!

What other ways can cash be presented as a fun gift?

Gifting money (part 2)