Santa writes to a LOT of kids each year (which is why he gets us to help him, of course!) and kids love getting letters from Santa.

But once the letter is written, how does it arrive in a child’s little hands?

A pile of red envelopes being place in the slot of a red Australia Post letterbox

Kids getting Santa letters

Here are some ideas for how Santa letters are presented to kids around Australia…

  1. in the letterbox – sure, it’s an obvious answer but it works!
    Christmas elf lying in a green wooden letterbox with a letter
  2. in a letterbox within a Christmas display
  3. within the branches of the Christmas tree
  4. poking out of Christmas stockings or Santa sacks
  5. in the fireplace as if landed from the chimney (see, it’s good we’re in summer and the fires don’t get much use in December!)
  6. on the mantlepiece
  7. on top of a pile of presents
  8. held by a Christmas elf – maybe in the elf’s special place, or maybe wherever the elf feels like hiding that day…
  9. sticking out from a favourite Christmas book
  10. placed with an advent calendar (in, on or under it as suits the calendar type and size!)
    Love Santa letter poking out from under a chocolate advent calendar and leaning against a wooden Santa advent calendar.
  11. on the child’s pillow when they wake up in the morning
  12. slipped under the front door or a bedroom door
  13. on a table set up with Christmas decorations, and maybe a Christmas treat or two
  14. at the end of a treasure hunt of some sort – again, the elves may get involved in that!
  15. make it a message in a bottle – any empty bottle you find will do but in a new drink bottle or wrapped around a bottle of their favourite topping