Choosing a real Christmas tree is a big deal in the USA (based on movies and TV anyway!) but not so much in Australia.

Whether you prefer fake or real trees, there is something to be said for having a bit of nature in the house and not having to store the tree all year!

We received a  message from Jen detailing her story of choosing a Christmas tree from a farm near Melbourne. It sounds and looks like they had a great afternoon – thanks for letting us share your story and photos Jen 🙂

Our real Christmas tree adventure

As a newly blended family, we had a big adventure on Friday – selecting our Christmas tree from the Montrose Christmas Tree Farm.

Rows of Christmas trees in front of the Aussie bush at a Victorian Christmas tree farm

You just arrive at the farm, walk around and look at LOTS of Christmas trees!

There’s no time limit so you can make it fun and special, or just a quick trip (although why would anyone want it to be a quick errand beats me!) We spent about 30 minutes walking around, just before they closed for the day.

One thing that amazed me was learning that they usually sell out within 5 days! And I noticed their website already says they are running low on stock for some tree heights!

Rows of Christmas trees in front of a house in the Aussie bush at a Victorian Christmas tree farm

The hardest part is probably choosing the tree… We mostly saw trees of one type, just different sizes. I’d suggest making sure you know how big you can fit into the house before going as it’s easy to get carried away on the farm!

Once we chose our tree, we blew our horn! They give you a horn when you arrive for this purpose. The boys loved the horns – they all wanted to squeeze it, of course! I’m glad they handed us a horn so there was no “discussion” of which colour horn we needed!

Two photos of colourful horns at a Christmas tree farm - lots of horns in a container and a child's hand holding a blue horn beside a Christmas tree

In response to blowing the horn, they come and discuss price. They chopped our tree down, which the kids enjoyed watching, and helped us get it to the car.

Getting it home wasn’t as hard as I feared – it fitted on our car roof, luckily! We didn’t get our tree netted or delivered, but they were options given to us.

A man and three boys standing in front of a black car with a real Christmas tree on the roof

We got the tree home, and named him Chris the Pine. Chris was put in pride of place in the lounge room (sounds better than put in his corner!) and festooned with lights.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy your Christmas trees!

A real Christmas tree festooned with white lights in the corner of a room

Choosing a real Christmas tree