Everyone knows that Santa puts kids on his nice list when they do good things and avoid doing the wrong things. Doing good deeds is rewarding in itself, of course, and well worth encouraging in children (and adults for that matter!)

Santa and text "kindness is showing someone they matter"

We have suggested good deeds in the past, but thought we’d share some of our favourite good deeds we’ve included in Love Santa letters this year.

  • help Jane carry the table when no one else did
  • collecting food to help the less fortunate
  • taking the time to help others (like helping Jenny with her mail and Connor on the bus)
  • being gentle with your baby sister
  • using gentle hands with others
  • trying your best at school /sport/music
  • being such a brave kid with your diabetes
  • having a loving heart
  • are patient and considerate with your brother, and show such great resilience at school when things get tough
  • being brave at the news of Mum’s cancer treatment
  • using good manners
  • being kind
  • learning to share your toys/with your siblings or friends
  • being a lovely human to be around
  • you are a lovely young man who loves his parents and is respectful to his grandparents

There have also been a lot of ids cleaning their room and helping with various tasks around the house and garden.

Well done Aussie kids – you are champions and Santa is proud to put you in his nice list!

What good deed have the children in your life done? If you want us to help acknowledge those great deeds, order soon as 2022 orders are closing very soon!

Two children dancing whilst dressed as an elf and a Christmas fiary