Lego advent day 17

We’re already up to day seventeen of our advent calendars – Christmas will be here before we know it!

The Lego City calendar made my son happy with a snow mobile for his police man – he loves all emergency services! There was a temporary worry when a ski was missing, but we found it on the floor and happiness resumed :

Police ski mobile from Lego advent calendar

For Friends, my daughter was happy to build two bench seats – and she loved the fact they fit nicely on two blue squares on the box layout. It also came with a small fire to keep the sitters warm…

Lego girls sitting on benches with mugs

Remember you can read introduction to our Lego advent reviews or catch up on day sixteen.

3 Responses to Lego advent day 17

  • aliangel3499 says:

    Lego City seems to be really good at being sequential. I remember that they placed the train pieces a day apart and now the police man gets his ride the next day as well. Thinking back to the elf hat your daughter got in the beginning, I’m wondering if it was just a festive hat or if Lego Friends is planning to bring in elves and Santa around the end.

    • You’re right, Ali most of it has been sequential except for that elf hat – and Lego city has a Santa seat without Santa. I hadn’t picked up that anomaly. So maybe Santa and his elves can’t arrive until Christmas Eve!

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