day four

Advent calendar day four…

Day four, so we’re getting into the routine of opening our advent calendars, making things and then reading our Christmas book. It is a lot of fun and I love the family time it is creating for us.

Is your family enjoying the Christmas traditions in your home?

Ornament calendar

In today’s calendar, we had to form the sleigh – this was more complex than the other ornaments we’ve made as it has four pieces. I also liked having two strings to hang it with so I could balance it between two branches.

Santa's sleigh Christmas ornament

Lego City

Behind the forth flap, my son found a dog (one of the beautiful Lego huskies), a plate and a chicken leg. It is a little strange and had nothing to stick together at all (the chicken doesn’t even attach to the plate as we expected!)

Lego huskie beside a white dish holding a chicken leg

Lego Friends

My daughter is very pleased to have a fireplace with a stocking and a nutcracker! To be honest, while building it we weren’t sure what was sitting beside the fire but looking at it from a little distance it became more obvious we had made a nutcracker!

Lego Friends fireplace and nutcracker

Christmas book

Tonight’s book is Aussie Jingle Bells  which goes nicely with our new sleigh ornament, and could be pulled along by our new huskie!


Day five of Lego advent calendars

Is your family enjoying the count down of opening an advent calendar each day?

I am certainly enjoying watching my children delight over their calendars each day – and it is fun to see what Lego items are revealed each day.

Day five…

The Lego Friends calendar gave Emma a friend in the form of Naomi.

Lego Naomi in front of advent calendar

Welcome to Naomi!

My son found a motorised sled in the City calendar and very happily put it together.

Lego motorised sled

Lego City allows for getting around in the snow!

As a reminder, on day four we revealed a fire-fighter with a trumpet and a campfire and flowers for Emma.

Lego advent day 4

We’re continuing our Lego advent calendar review and are up to flap number four today…

Lego City day four of the advent calendar

Day four and Lego City has a coffee stand

Day four in Lego Friends advent calendar

A Lego Friends snowman!

Inside today’s boxes, the kids found the pieces to create a snowman and what I’m calling a drinks stand (which goes well alongside yesterday’s pie stand!) It’s all lots of fun!

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