good deeds

getting on Santa’s nice list

Everyone wants to be on Santa’s nice list when we get to Christmas Eve!

12 month calendar

Santa decides if you were naughty or nice for the whole year…

But how do you make sure you are on that list?

Remember it is all year

Santa doesn’t just decide who’s naughty or nice on Christmas Eve, or even the last few days before Christmas – he remembers if you were mostly nice throughout the year.

So it’s important to try your best ALL YEAR not just near Christmas time 🙂



Doing good deeds

It’s a nice idea that we can be nice or good all the time, but in reality we’re human so we make mistakes and sometimes are not so nice.

But the best way to make up for any mistakes or naughty things is to do some good deeds whenever we get the chance.

Most good deeds can be done very quickly and with little effort, but can have a huge impact on the people around us (and our chances of making it onto Santa’s nice list!)For instance, smiling at a lonely person can lift their spirits and picking up a dropped pen for someone with a bad back is very helpful.

Nobody has to know about it for it to count as a good deed, either, so picking up rubbish in an empty park is just as relevant as holding a door open for someone.

Nice things that Santa notices

In case you are wondering what good deeds or nice things you could do (or to acknowledge in others), I thought I’d share some of the good things Santa wrote to Aussie children about last Christmas.

cartoon boy owing grass

Mowing the lawn is one way to help at home

  • being a great brother/sister
  • writing cards/letters to a sick person
  • giving away some toys and books to children who need them
  • doing your best at school/kinder/sport
  • teaching something or helping others learn
  • tidying your room
  • looking after pets
  • being kind to others
  • helping Mummy/Daddy/other at home
  • listening to your teacher
  • making people smile
  • always looking after your friends
  • using good manners most of the time
  • doing homework without being asked
  • sharing your (special toy/game)
  • watering the plants or helping in the garden
  • working hard to learn new things
  • collecting the mail each day
  • being affectionate (giving mum/dad/others cuddles and so on)
  • being reliable and honest
  • helping dad train
  • being brave at the doctor/hospital
  • being generous
  • not giving into yourself (staying clam, not loosing your temper)
  • making things for people (especially drawing pictures)
  • writing thank you notes
  • including everyone in your games


*Image created with images from 123RF ( ragnarocks & nazlisart)

Good deeds you can do

Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake…Santa checking his list for who's naughty or nice

Sometimes wanting to be good isn’t enough – you need some ideas on how to be good and do good deeds that people (including Santa) will appreciate. So we’re adding to last year’s list of good deeds suggestions – including some from this year’s list of good deeds Santa is including in his letters to Aussie children.

  1. don’t wake anyone up during the night unless it’s really important – usually rolling over and going back to sleep is easier for everyone
  2. helping with keeping the house tidy and clean
  3. keeping your bedroom clean and tidy
  4. doing nice things for Mum and Dad – like giving foot rubs, making fresh orange juice, brushing hair and finding their keys
  5. being brave about seeing a doctor or dentist
  6. dressing yourself – especially if you do it quickly and without a fuss
  7. using good manners, such as saying please and thank you
  8. giving lots of cuddles and kisses to Mum and Dad, and other people
  9. doing your best at sport and in classes
What good deeds do you think Santa has noticed about you this year?
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