Whose bum? at Christmas Cover of whose bum at Christmas

by Heath McKenzie
Illustrated by Ada Grey
Lake Press, Melbourne, 2019

Age group: 2 to 5 year olds
Format: 14 page board book with lift the flaps

Doing some Christmas shopping recently and I came across this cheeky little Christmas book which we’re giving to our young nephew. Whose Bum? at Christmas was first published this August so it is quite a new Christmas book.

The story

It’s a board book so not much of a story other than trying to predict who owns the bum sticking out from the flap!

My Christmas book review

My nine year old read Whose bum? to her brother and I last night, and we all laughed!

Sure the kids found it a little easy to guess whose bum it was on most pages, other than the names (I mean it is a bit hard to know which reindeer is which from their bum and they expected the snowman was actually Frosty).

Inner page of whose bum at Christmas showing an elf

I like that each bum is sticking out from something different, be it a fridge, a gift or a Christmas pudding! And the kids just kept giggling at the bums, of course!

Inner page of whose bum at Christmas showing a reindeer

The pages are thick and sturdy so can cope with little fingers turning and opening the flaps. However, the flaps themselves are obviously not as thick as a full board book so make a judgement on the child’s ability to treat books gently, or not!

Would I recommend it? It’s a bit cheeky, but that’s what makes it fun! So yes I recommend Whose bum? at Christmas for little people, but perhaps put it away for visitors without a sense of humour!

Whose bum? at Christmas ~ Christmas book review